Test 3 review Self-Tests and answers

Test 3 is scheduled for the first hour of class on Monday 26 November.

Here are the review self-tests:


And here are the answers:


There will also be a problem on trig, using the coordinate plane. Practice on the WeBWorK

“CoordinatePlaneTrig” problems.


Remember that if you get stuck on any of the problems or have a question about any of the material, you can post a question to the Piazza discussion board. I have posted several of the review problems so that you could post your solutions for a homework point if you wish. If you post by taking a photo (or better, a scan) of your work, please make sure that it is clearly legible.

Also, you may post a solution to any other problem from the review by posting the problem itself as a Question on Piazza and then posting your solution as the student solution to that question.


There are also several student questions which you could post a solution to if you wish.

Genius scan is a very nice app for taking scans with a smartphone.


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