Monday 12 November and Wednesday 14 November class


• Solving a 3 by 3 system of linear equations – for short, this is called a 3 by 3 linear system
• Solving nonlinear systems of equations
It is useful to look at the graphs of these systems, in Desmos for instance, so you can know how many solutions you expect to have. Highly recommended!
• Two important special right triangles
• Right triangle trigonometry: the definitions of the six trig ratios.

Important note: These definitions are for the trig ratios as they are used in right triangles. There will be two more definitions, which come from these, later in the course and you will need to know all three ways of defining the trig functions, so make sure you learn these right away!

You must learn the two special right triangles and the definitions of the trig ratios by heart!


• There are several WeBWorK assignments. It is recommended that you do them in the following order;
(1) 3×3-Systems
(2) NonlinearSystems
(3) SpecialTriangles
(4) TrigonometryRatios

• Here are some problems from the textbook which you may put on the board at the start of class: p. 782: 23-37 odd, 49


Remember that if you get stuck on any of the problems or have a question about any of the material, you can post a question to the Piazza discussion board.


In case you prefer to view videos on any of these topics, Here is a copy of the Course Outline with links to video resources for each topic.



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