Monday 22 October class


• Perfect square trinomials

• The Square Root Property

Completing the square to solve a quadratic equation

[link to YouTube]


It is very important to practice using the perfect square patterns so that you can recognize them when you see them, and this will also help you to understand completing the square. We rarely use completing the square to solve quadratic equations, but we will need to know how to complete squares for a later topic in this course. Also, it is used to prove the Quadratic Formula.


• View the video on completing the square, if you want to.

• Complete the WeBWorK assignment we started in class. There will not be extensions of this assignment, so make sure to ask questions on Piazza or view the video or seek help in some other way if you get stuck.

• Next topic: The Quadratic Formula and complex number solutions to quadratic equations.

Remember that if you get stuck on any of the problems or have a question about any of the material, you can post a question to the Piazza discussion board.



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