Blog #4

It’s been a couple of weeks in the internship and I have been working on the magazine layout still. She hasn’t given me an end date so I would think that it was sometime around November – December. With the week of the internship, I have gotten an email about Jejune partnering up with a company called headcount, which is basically a company that helps people register to vote. So since the voting was coming up in November, Jejune wanted to write an article about registering to vote and she wanted people to know why we vote so that people know the importance of voting. So we had to sign up so that they can send us the stuff to take pictures in and say why we vote.

When I got the package there was a t-shirt say vote going down and then there was a clipboard and a mask. with the words vote or register to vote. when it was the day to register to vote we post it on Instagram and Kira made an article about it, which is up on the blog. It felt great to tell people to vote because this election was important more than any other election and it felt like I was going something important. I have never done anything like this before. We end up registering up a lot of people that day.

here is the link for the article.


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