Blog #3

Hello, it’s the third week of the semester and I have started my internship on Monday. I as said before I am interning for a magazine called Jejune. I don’t have a pacific work am just an intern. On Monday I woke up early, my supervisor Kira who is the founder and the editor told me that I wouldn’t have to start my internship until 11:00 because that when she would be available to help me if I need something.

She started to go into more detail about what she wants to do. Like I said before they are making paper versions of the digital one, so she sends me the files that I would need and that I would be mostly using InDesign to make the layout. I had to down the blurb creator which basically is that it creates the document setup, then she sends me the link to the first issue. I guess everyone who is an intern for her gets different issues.

She went on to give me a sample of what the paper magazine should look like when I’m done with you. Since there is a lot of information to put the documents she told me to start with just getting the information on the document and don’t worry about the design part. I did this for a whole week and she would check in on me to see how it was going. There was couple of time i would start before 11:30. I once had to start over because i didn’t like how it was coming out but then i was able to work it out and sine then i kept working on it.

When i would send her samples of the work she would tell me what needs to be changed so then i would make the changes and send it too. I don’t have an end time so i would be finish at 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm, which wasn’t a problem for me because it was simple work to do.



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