Blog #2

It’s the second week of the fall semester and all my classes have started within the following week had gotten an email back from the editor of the chief and founder Kira Bucca saying that she would like to schedule an interview over skype because we could meet in person. At the time I had skype but I never used it so I had to make a new password then tell her what time and day I would be able to meet with her so I told her Friday at 11 was a good time for me which was fine with her. I send her my skype info.

When the day comes for my interview I woke up early and got ready like how I did for every other interview. I logged on and then she told me to tell her about me in which I did, she asked me a couple of question and she told me what I would be doing in the internship and what days that I would work and the hours, so I told her that I would need to have 120 hours at the end of the semester which was fine with her and I could work 20 hours Monday, Tuesday, and Friday but Friday I would have to work after 2:00 pm because I had class at 11:30 am-2:00 pm. I asked her two questions about the people that work there and what I would be doing every day, she told me that since covid happens there isn’t much outside work to do so she wanted to turn the digital magazines into two print version so that people will be able to buy them.

When it was time to finish she told me that she was going to interview other people so she would get back to me next week and that I should send her a couple of my work so that she could see. When I got off the skype call I emailed her my work in which she said me an email saying that she liked my work and it was good.¬† Then¬† I waited to tell it was Tuesday and I haven’t gotten any email so when Wednesday come I send her a follow-up email and she was happy that I reached out to her because she told me she was busy and forgot about it. She asked me when can I start so I told her I will be able to start Monday which was fine with her. For my internship class add to get the agreement between me and her filled out so I send that to her but she also had me sign a non-disclosure agreement to sign. I emailed her the forms.



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