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It’s my senior year of college fall 2020 and I only have 6 classes that I have to finish in order for me to graduate this semester. So one of the classes that I have to take is the internship class, which basically mean that I have to pick an internship that has a deal with my major but for my class, my professor said that I could pick something that deals with the things would be doing when you graduate. Before the semester started was looking for internships and the professor gave us a couple that we could do but those ones I really didn’t want to do so I didn’t apply for those. She had a list of places that you could apply to.  When I started looking I was looking for internships in the fashion industries because that was where I wanted to work.

So I fixed my resume and I wrote a short cover in the body of the email which you will be able to see a preview of I wrote to every place that I have applied to. I started with a couple of places that the professor gave us. One was called society row but the email that was listed didn’t work, Then I tried other places but those places didn’t work, then I remembered a website that I have used in the past to get internships in the fashion industry. The site is called “ ” so I saw that a company named Jejune Magazine was looking for fall interns so I applied. Jejune Magazine is a socially aware fashion, celebrity, and art magazine that gives a much needed political voice to the population. They cover current events in the world, highlight people giving back, and give a platform for discussion through imagery, fashion, art, and written words. They are looking to unite across cultures, diverse backgrounds, styles, and beliefs, for a better world to live in.

They are located in Brooklyn new york but since of covid, they are looking for someone who can work remotely. That was great because I didn’t want to leave the house because of covid. so I applied and I was still applying to another place and I was wanting to get answers back.


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