App Review 2- YouTube

We had to do to app review on different apps so the second app that I’m going to use is YouTube because I’m always on this app watching videos about different things.

Youtube is an app that you will be able to watch your favorite videos easier. You are able to explore brand new content, music, news, and more. If you don’t use a lot of apps this is one of those apps that you should use. For me, I use YouTube to watch people blog about their life and I use you to watch music videos, so tutorials about things that I don’t know how to do. When I want to watch something the first thing I do is check youtube to see if there is something to watch.

I’m one of those people who need to listen to music to do my homework so use I use youtube to do that. Right now on youtube, the most things I watch are moving vlogs because I just love watching people move into their apartment and it decorate it because I want to do that one day so it gives me ideas on what to do when the time comes.

My little nephew who is one year old even uses youtube to watch his listen and watch is shows that are on youtube. A couple of days ago youtube wasn’t working and everyone online was talking about how it wasn’t working so you could see that a lot of people use it.



App review 1- Procreate

For internship class 10 we are supposed to review an app, so I chose to procreate because I live on this app. Procreate is a creative application made for iPad’s but they do have the phone version but I only use it on my iPad.

It’s packed with hundreds of beautifully crafted brushes, over 100 customizable settings for every brush, you can import and export stuff, it has a time-lapse replay, Dramatic finishing effects, different types of the design set. You are also able to download other brushes for free off the procreate site or buy new ones. I download this app so that I would be able to draw digitally on my iPad, It makes my work looks more professional than before and I love that. I am able to edit my work very easily. There is a lot of demos on how to use the app. Also, the price for the app is really cheap ($10) while other apps cause more. If you get a new iPad, it’s effortless to transfer your work from one iPad to the new one.

The people who made the app are always updating the app and making it better for you. I feel like anyone could use this app because it has stuff for graphic designers, animation, fashion illustrations, and etc. This is the only app that I use for my drawings. I love the color range that it has on there plus you could add other colors that you want and it’s not hard to do. I use it for school if I’m working on a project and i use it for my personal use.


Blue Museum- Virtual field trip


On Wednesday, Our internship class attended a virtual field trip to the Blue Museum. Which is in the Nassau County Museum of art. We were asked to pick one artwork that we liked the most and the one that I loved the most out of all of them would be the ” Buste de Femme” by Picasso.  Picasso is known for his realism and cubist painting, but when I saw this painting with wasn’t showing any of that.

Pablo Picasso was going through a blue face and when that was happening he created this painting. He used different shades of blue to tell how he was feeling and loved that. You could see that she didn’t happen just by looking at her face. I loved how he came out of comfort and did something different and real. How he used the different tones of blue to set the mood of what she was feeling.  The brush strokes on the face are finer and more considered. This painting is well detailed and it’s one of those painting that you would want to stop and see.

blog # 7

It also most coming to an end for this internship and I’m still working on the layout. It’s like there is so much information that I think that I would still be working on the magazine layout even when this class ends. Plus with this and the other school projects that I have to be doing it’s like I don’t know when I find time to get my work done. But it’s all about time management. I seem to be doing a great job at doing that.

here is a sample of what I have been doing so far, it looks like it’s nothing but it’s a lot because every day I wake up early and do the layout and finish very late and my computer is filled with a lot of pictures. I soon have no place to put all these pictures by the time I’m finished.

webinar 1 blog

For this week we had to go to a webinar so I chose an apple event that was being hosted on youtube this year. The event started at 1:00 pm the hostname is Tim cook. He started off by talking about the first product with is meant for the home and since we are in the house a lot more than this would be a great product for you. The product is homepod mini, he said that they create this product so it would be easy to use. you will have full range no matter where you are in the house. Also, it has a custom acoustic waveguide for a 360 sound field. They come in two colors the white and black.

The second product he introduces is the iPhone 12 mini. This comes in red, blue, green, white, and red. Tim said that this is the phone’s smallest phone. it has a ceramic shield front and glass back and an aluminum design. Also that it has a super retina XDR display and it has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, and these corners are within a standard rectangle.

The last product he talked about was the iPhone 12 pro max. It comes in graphite(black), silver, gold, pacific blue which is a new color this year. it said that this was the biggest and most expensive phone Apple has ever had. These phones come with 5g.  They had to partner with Verizon to get the 5g. I think that the 5g would be good for us because it would make the phone faster.

Virtual Network 1 blog

For the internship class, we had to go to our first virtual network meeting. For this, i went to a brand identity virtual network meeting because I felt I would be able to get the most learning out of that than any other network meeting that was there. The professor gave us a list and I chose this one.

The meeting was host by the freelancer’s hub which is basically a place that you would be able to build a name for yourself as a freelancer and they tell you how to make yourself a brand. The meeting started at 1:00 pm and they send out a zoom link so that you will be able to get on. The person that worked in freelancer’s hub name was Jalen and he started off by introducing the cost host who was named Ana Jahannes, and she told her a little bit about herself. She owns a company called vibe is bright. She then asked us questions about ourselves and where we are from. when I was liking in the chat I saw that someone who goes to this school was there too.

She started by talking about what brand identity is and that it’s much more than what we think it is. She asks us to pick one word that definite us as a person or if you have your own company. I don’t remember the word that I chose but if I could choose it would be creative because I want to make beautiful art.

From what i took away from this networking is that you should want to stand for something and that your brand identity is much more than what you think it is. Also, colors play a lot in what you stand for as a person and company.

Blog post #6

I would say that this would be the middle of the semester and I have just been working on the layout and putting the stuff on the InDesign file that I have. Kira my supervisor wants to see a sample of the finished magazine in November. I don’t know if I would be finished in November because there is a lot of stuff that I have put on there, but I know for sure that I will be finished in December.

The pictures below are sample images of the work. This would be how to send images to the boss so that she will be able to see and make changes when she needs them. We mostly communicate in google hangout but sometimes we would talk by email. For the Indesign file, I use my grid system that I learn from my classes. She would always tell me that she love the way put the pictures.

Blog post #5

I have been well in my internship now and I have gotten pretty use to it so far. I am still working on my layout issue of the magazine and I have to say that nothing much has changed but the only thing that I mostly change would have to be the motivation has changed the most for me because I am just creating the layout of the magazine which is great for someone who loves doing that part of work but for someone like me who is mostly hung on and love being creative then I wouldn’t have picked this job for them.

As the week on my supervisor emailed saying that they were updating their team’s page so I should write a short bio about myself and send her a picture of myself. They also wanted my put that I am working for them on Linkedin which I have done that already. Since I have been working for them I have learned a lot of stuff about what a person who works in a magazine company has been through and I know that I mostly have stated home and work but it is a lot of work to do. I am very grateful for the experience that I’m getting from this internship.

Blog #4

It’s been a couple of weeks in the internship and I have been working on the magazine layout still. She hasn’t given me an end date so I would think that it was sometime around November – December. With the week of the internship, I have gotten an email about Jejune partnering up with a company called headcount, which is basically a company that helps people register to vote. So since the voting was coming up in November, Jejune wanted to write an article about registering to vote and she wanted people to know why we vote so that people know the importance of voting. So we had to sign up so that they can send us the stuff to take pictures in and say why we vote.

When I got the package there was a t-shirt say vote going down and then there was a clipboard and a mask. with the words vote or register to vote. when it was the day to register to vote we post it on Instagram and Kira made an article about it, which is up on the blog. It felt great to tell people to vote because this election was important more than any other election and it felt like I was going something important. I have never done anything like this before. We end up registering up a lot of people that day.

here is the link for the article.


Blog #3

Hello, it’s the third week of the semester and I have started my internship on Monday. I as said before I am interning for a magazine called Jejune. I don’t have a pacific work am just an intern. On Monday I woke up early, my supervisor Kira who is the founder and the editor told me that I wouldn’t have to start my internship until 11:00 because that when she would be available to help me if I need something.

She started to go into more detail about what she wants to do. Like I said before they are making paper versions of the digital one, so she sends me the files that I would need and that I would be mostly using InDesign to make the layout. I had to down the blurb creator which basically is that it creates the document setup, then she sends me the link to the first issue. I guess everyone who is an intern for her gets different issues.

She went on to give me a sample of what the paper magazine should look like when I’m done with you. Since there is a lot of information to put the documents she told me to start with just getting the information on the document and don’t worry about the design part. I did this for a whole week and she would check in on me to see how it was going. There was couple of time i would start before 11:30. I once had to start over because i didn’t like how it was coming out but then i was able to work it out and sine then i kept working on it.

When i would send her samples of the work she would tell me what needs to be changed so then i would make the changes and send it too. I don’t have an end time so i would be finish at 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm, which wasn’t a problem for me because it was simple work to do.