“Everything You’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” by George Addair

Final version

For this design, I chose to use the separating of the black and white columns to keep the word “Wanted” and “Fear” on one side, and the other words are on the left. I fixed the bleeding from the previous version and keeping the words next to the separating line of the color. I also make the word “Fear” bigger the word “Wanted”.

I keep changing the design of this version because I can’t decide how I want to place the word” Wanted” to show that it was before the word” Fear”. Therefore, I change my design again, I transform the design back to landscape, and keeping all the types in white. The word “Wanted” became kind of like a disappeared word and I decide to use a image of a mystery bag with the word”Wanted” on it to show the meaning of “wanted” is on the other side of fear; as the quote states.

For the last design, I chose to use a image of two cliffs separating by a huge spaces between them. The tracking of the word “Fear” is set to fit between the space of the two cliffs. This shows how a person need to pass the fear from one cliff to the other cliff that might have what the person wants.If they can’t pass the fear, they can’t get their wants.

Download (PDF, 4.8MB)

2nd version



First attempt

For the first design, I chose to make it into a spiral because every time you want something, there’s might be another “fear” before it. The pattern just repeat itself every time like the spiral that never end.




For the second design, I simply make the word “fear” into like a wall separating thing the word “wanted” on the other side.





For the last design, I chose to use a image to represent the the separation of the “everything” and the “wanted” and “fear” on different side of the cliff, separating by the ocean. If you “wanted” something, you have to jump over the “fear” to get it.




First Draft