Welcome to my ePortfolio.  My name is ShanShan Yu. Currently working for my bachelor’s degree in communication design. When I first enter City tech, I have no idea what I have interest in. I wanted to change to hospitality where I have friends who are taking the major. But for some reason, I just stay COMD. However, as I process through the course of communication design, I feel like I enjoy the classes that I am in, and thankful for not switching my major. Since I didn’t have an interest when I enter, now I feel like I enjoy doing editorial design. I hope I would work on editorial design or graphic design path, since my art skill wasn’t that good to be an illustrator. However, I might work hard on practices and try to make it another habit.

There are many kind of art, I play with watercolor when I have time, I also enjoy coloring books from Johanna Basford. I also follow artist from Instagram. For example, Qing Han(Qinniart), I love her work as how she can use watercolor to create art pieces that look like digital. Recently, I discover a photographer on Instagram from Tokyo called Mao Kokubu. I am not sure if is a he or she, but I love the color schemes that the photographer has going on. These pictures don’t look photograph, it looks like a painting or something.