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Product/Service: helps local businesses and franchises market themselves online via web, social media, directories, search & email.
Founder/Co-Founders: David Pachter (CEO) and Trevor Sumner (President)
Office/Headquarters: 420 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017 – only office
Products/Services: Provide marketing consultation for clients. Product include LocalCast, SearchCast, LocalConnect, as well as social reputation management
Method of Making Money: Clients pay a premium for their services, prices depending on with package is selected. Packages offered include: Boost @ $399 per month, Mobile boost @ $549 per month, and Complete @ $1499 per month.
Target Customers: Local Businesses as well as chains and franchises.
How many current users/customers, etc: Thousands which include AMC Theaters, Buffalo Wild Wings and Whole Foods
How does the company advertise its product/services? Through Press. They’ve been featured in various prestigious business articles by Forbes, Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, etc.
Competitors/Competitive Advantage: Some of LocalVox Competitors include EMT Marketing and Zoiden. What set LocalVox apart is its affordability and customizable plans.
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Timothy Colon – Mini Job Search

Timothy Colon
Job Listings

About You:
• What are your main qualifications, strengths, skills, and areas of expertise?
Great communication skills, proficient in MS, Adobe creative suite, management skills
• What position(s)—or type of position—are you seeking?
Entry level positions
• What are some of your professional goals?
To excel in all fields of design
• What type of organization or work setting are you most interested in?
Doesn’t matter. I can work in either a laidback or fast pace atmosphere
About Employers (synthesize answers based on what most commonly appeared on your job listings):
• What qualifications and skills are most desired by employers in your field?
Adobe suite expertise, BA in Design and/or 2-5 years experience
• What positions are available on the job market? What are they titled?
Graphic Designer, Junior Designer, Entry Level Designer
• What are some goals of these organizations that interest you?
Expectations are to help designers & Art Directors, to assistant and ultimately to develop into a leadership position
• What kinds of organizations are now hiring?
Fashion Companys, Multimedia, Print Companies, Publishing Houses
• What kind of content-specific skills do they want?
Web design, Preflyt, touch up skills
• What kind of communication (written, verbal, etc.) do they want?
A lot of listing ask for “excellent” or “outstanding” communication skills
• How do you think your education here at City Tech and your hands-on work experience (perhaps as an intern or in another type of job) has prepared you (or not prepared you) to meet these employers’ needs?
I can honestly say that my education as well as my hands-on experience has allowed me to be confident in my skills and has given me an understanding of what I can do and what I need improvement on.