COLOR PRINTER- Charge X amount of cents for color printing for students that do not get access outside of school or who work in open labs on their projects.

PARKING LOT- One of the biggest struggles here is a parking lot. Many students drive but do not drive to school because of parking reasons. A parking lot for only student access would be great. If not near the school at least in the 2-4 block radius. Students arrive late due to the horrible MTA service which effects their education and academic record.

BATHROOMS- Bathrooms are an essential part of any human life which is why the importance of it is at times under evaluated. But issues of cleanliness, graffiti and even soap and paper towels can tell you as a lot about the climate of a school as the strength of its academic program and number of extracurricular activities. All of our bathroom are outdated they lack automatic soap dispensaries or automatic flushes. Many times while using the bathrooms we are found with litter on the floor, missing/ no lock stall doors, graffiti-laden walls and empty soap and toilet-paper dispensers, many school restrooms violate the very ideals that learning institution are trying to instill in their students: citizenship and respect. For these reasons, it is vital that something be done with respect of good hygiene overall.


Safety concerns aren’t the only reason some students are reluctant to use the school restrooms. It’s also because many of the restrooms are downright dirty.

Updated Library- The library is very outdated. Granted we can find many of the text on the internet there aren’t enough labs in this school for the amount of students that attend. The law section of the library is outdated and there isn’t enough of the journals for the department to do their work as I’m sure is true for other departments. Updating the library and adding computer labs would make life as a student at NYCCT a lot easier.

MUSIC/LANGUAGE COURSES- Music makes a person more well-rounded. It can also create a happier environment for the students. An addition of language classes would make our school more diverse. People who know two or more languages have greater job opportunities.

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