Problems & Solutions: Connect 4

Group Name: Connect 4
Group Members: Melissa Bonnick, Timothy Colon, William Hargett, Ajani Treadwell

Problem: Not enough night and weekend classes for degrees
Solutions: More online courses
Fundraising to hire more adjunct and night / weekend teachers
Allow online override approvals to take another class when the one you need is not available

Problem: Better wifi / internet connection. The connection is very hard to complete and then the connection itself is spotty at best.
Solution: Change service.
Get wifi company to sponsor the school / offer free easily connectable wifi
Utilize something similar to Starbucks wifi, where you just login in proximity to the buildings, no need to download software

Problem: Computer Lab Hours. Not late enough. Does not have hours that allow for everyone to use computers when they are free
Solution: Allow equipment rentals so people do not need to come to the school to use computers
Extend computer hours to midnight, get staff to work in the labs at night (work-study students)

Problem: Too much free time between classes
Solution: Class schedules closer together, less of a gap between classes
Add additional classes, to be able to take in between other courses.
Offer block classes so you don’t have to register for all classes separately, but rather an entire module.

Problem: Nutritional snacks in the vending machine
Solution: Add additional vending machines that only have nutritional or microwable healthy snacks
Add a juice bar to the cafeteria

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