Group project “VKSW SOLUTIONS”



Company Owners:

  • Valerien Yepes
  • Katherine Pena
  • Winston Aitken
  • Surendra Khadka



  1. Longer timeframe for graduation and classes fill up fast.
  2. We are not well-prepared after college, it’s harder to find jobs having no experience.
  3. Need a better curriculum
  4. Computers are old as well as textbooks and lab equipment.
  5. Need a better study area

Potential Solutions

  1. More sections for majors; summer and winter classes for our departments
  2. More opportunities for internships and connections
  3. More professional faculties needed. (Advisors, professors, and administration)
  4. Better technological resources (computers and online resources)
  5. Longer library and computer lab hours

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