Advancing Technology at NYCCT

Aaron McIntosh, Josh Rojas, Maisha Price

, Peter Junot



1) Lack of advanced, competitive technology; engineering, communications, machinery.

– A larger budget, and highly trained professors are needed to foster innovative technological growth within the school.

2) Shortage of academic support; student advisors and staff along with creating more partnerships with businesses to produce internship programs for students. – We need to network with more businesses in order to provide them with more opportunities upon graduation.

3) More lab hours are needed. Also, labs are typically old and outdated.

– We need to extend lab hours to satisfy the needs of students who need more practical hands-on time. Also the equipment needs to be replaced with new and modern resources.

4) The Cunyfirst website is very convoluted and difficult to use, particularly for new users.

-Redesign Cunyfirst website. Make it more streamlined and user-friendly.

5) The school could use  a greater push towards providing a more expanded entertainment/performing arts curriculum.

-We need to bring in trained professors to teach the curriculum, and also invest in expanded facilities.


*In order to advance the quality of the school as a whole, we need to apply for grants and greater funding to accommodate any applicable new curriculums and upgrades.

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