Thursday, April 2: Group Research Projects


1. First, let’s read the following report on NYC tech growth:

2. Discuss

3. For the remainder of class we will complete individual research reports on NYC-based tech and media companies.


If your group already has a company in mind, great! But, to further research NYC-based tech firms, visit these sites & articles:



Your reports must be posted as a blog, categorized as “NYC Tech Profiles” by the end of class today.


Your reports should include the following information about the company. Please use the same headers I have here.

Product/Service: What, in a sentence, does this company do/sell?

Founder/Co-Founders: Who founded the company? Are they still involved in day to day operations?

Office/Headquarters: Where is the company located? Do they have a single headquarters, or do they have locations throughout the country/world?

Method of Making Money:  How does your company make money? Through advertising, subscribers, royalties, affiliate purchases, lead generation, selling data, or freemium payment models?

Target Customers:  Who are the target customers for this company?

How many current users/customers, etc: How many customers do they currently have?

How does the company advertise its product/services?

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: What companies offer services/products that compete with your chosen company? What sets your chosen company apart from its competitors?

Works Cited: You must document all the websites and articles you use to find the above information. Simply include a list of websites at the end of the blog post.


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