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ZocDoc – New York City

Product/Service: In 2007, ZocDoc was founded to help improve the dismal system of receiving bad health care treatment.

Founder/Co-Founders: ZocDoc’s Co-Founders are Cyrus Massoumi (CEO & Founder), Oliver Kharraz, MD (President & Founder), and Nick Ganju (Founder). Yes, all three Co—Founders are still highly involved in the day to day operations of ZocDoc. Nick works on improving the globalization of ZocDoc, Cyrus is working to improve the modern healthcare experience, and Oliver is building efficiency in a large scale for healthcare organizations.

Office/Headquarters: ZocDoc’s Headquarters and place of origin is in New York City. However, ZocDoc has eight other national offices spread across the U.S.
Method of Making Money: ZocDoc makes their money by charging the healthcare providers. Making an appointment to see the doctor is completely free; however, it’s only free your health insurance covers.

Target Customers: Patients, who has had dismal healthcare service, and would like faster responses in due time.

How many current users/customers, etc: Currently, ZocDoc serves on hundreds of thousands of customers. Each day, ZocDoc is growing more and more, with a Founder, VP of Operations, VP of Sales, and VP of Local Sales working to broaden ZocDoc’s brand, it’s without a doubt that they will be in the millions with months to come.

How does the company advertise its product/services? ZocDoc has their information advertised nationally across the U.S. Personally, I see ZocDoc Ads on the sides of MTA trains and buses, and also online when searching for something focused about finding the right doctor.

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: To start, ZocDoc has won several noteworthy awards such as: 50 Best Websites (Time Magazine), Best Small & Medium Companies to Work For (Fortune Magazine), and Best Places to Work (Modern Healthcare).

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