Mini-job search :)

As a candidate for any/all employment opportunities my main qualifications are that I am a fast learner and I adapt swiftly to my new work environment and duties. I am excellent at time management and therefore punctual. I am also fully bilingual as I am a native Spanish speaker which facilitates my adaptability and diversity to a work place. I am presently looking for employment within my field which is the legal world. Although, I do have experience in the legal industry this was many years ago. My last employment title was Administrative Assistant, I am knowledgeable and skillful in the office setting and knowledgeable with chain of command and what is expected or required as office employee.

Most of the employers which I listed below, are legitimate jobs which I am capable of attaining. The jobs require experience in the office setting, some require a bachelor’s degree others just require experience which means I am a candidate. Legal offices in real estate, divorce, and litigation, some even require an additional language. However, because I know my legal job was many years ago, I am also applying to job postings that are in the office setting. I do not want to sell myself short and want to explore all my possibilities. If I do no find a suitable legal job to my liking I will then continue to work in the office setting until the desirable legal position is available to me and my needs.



Please see below for the links of job postings (copy+paste link if needed)

1.Paralegal/ Legal Assistant

  1. Paralegal Position

  1. Paralegal Aid

  1. Paralegal—LOWER-MANHATTAN/jobs/Paralegal-6aecaa8d71fbf870

  1. Paralegal

  1. Paralegal*056A0DAE2F75FE78#14-0361

  1. Paralegal

  1. Community Assistant

  1.  Patient Access Representative    

10. Administrative Assistant

11. Receptionist

12. Receptionist,-LLC/jobs/Receptionist-60926dced6e0f308

13. Administrative Assistant

14. Litigation Assistant

15. Receptionist/Junior Administrator

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