S.SINGH Cov.Let.

Dear Hiring manager,

I am currently enrolled in New York City College of Technology pursuing Bachelor’s in Communications and Graphic Design. For the past 5 years, I have been designing for personal clients as well as gaining experience in graphic productions. This range from design prints to heat transfers. My abilities and experience are far-ranging. I have all the necessary skills to see a given project from first idea through conceptual development and design to final product, even trouble-shooting computer software and hardware if necessary along the way.

I am well-versed in all the software programs that you require as you will see on my attached resume. I am very interested in bringing my excellent communication skills, as well as my strong ability to handle more than what I am expected along with me.

In addition to the great work ethics you provide, I am very excited about working with such a major group of creative individuals and producing cutting-edge designs. I hope that you will keep me in mind and my resume on file for any current or future available openings. If you would like me to provide further employer references, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.


Singh, Sarabjit

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  1. 11kurtis

    • Reverse Engineer the Letter: Without looking at the job ad/listing, read the letter. Then write down what you think the job ad says—you are reverse engineering the letter/ad by doing this—trying to see if you can figure out the job ad just from the letter.

    I think the job ad is looking for a Graphic Designer. Specifically one with a few years of experience under their belt. The ad probably ask for a person with experience in some Adobe programs who is comfortable with working in groups.

    • Read the job ad. Were you close in your reverse engineering attempt? If you were, then the letter probably meets with some of the employer’s needs. If you weren’t, has the author missed understanding the employer’s needs? Or have they just emphasized certain things and overlooked others?

    I was somewhat close in my reverse engineering attempt. The author actually meets more of the employer’s requirements than I expected.

    • Does the letter make the person applying seem like a good applicant; an unappealing applicant; or an outstanding applicant?

    An outstanding applicant

    • Explain why and how you made the judgment in #3. If the applicant was not an outstanding candidate, explain what you think the author needs to do to get into a higher pile.

    The author met basically all of the qualifications for the job

    • Is the letter free of spelling, mechanical, and grammar errors? Let the author know about the errors you see.

    The “m” in Hiring Manager should be capitalized.
    In the first sentence you should say “…… pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in …..”
    You forgot the s on ranges in the third sentence.
    The last sentence in the first paragraph should be shortened. Also the word “through” should come after the word “project”.


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