Thursday, February 26



6 – 7:  Peer Review Resumes

7 – 8: Cover Letter Format & Drafting


Instructions (6pm – 7pm)

1. If you haven’t already, please submit your resume (first draft) to me for review. I prefer that you submit it through our online assignment uploader and preferably in PDF format.

2.  Quick Discussion of Active Verbs — elements of bullet points!

3.  Peer Review: Trade your resume with the person seated next to you, or nearby. If there are odd numbers, trade more than once. Just make sure you’re looking at someone else’s resume.

  • Take 10-15 minutes to review your partner’s resume by responding to these questions: Resume Peer Review Questions.
  • Take another 5-10 minutes to discuss one another’s resumes.

Instructions (7pm – 8pm)

1) Review this guide to Cover Letter content and formatting, and

2) Please Read: Here’s an example of a cover letter — before it was expanded to include personal detail, and after.

3) Choose one job to apply to from your mini-job search.

4) Begin a draft of your cover letter for this position in class today. This should go in a new blog post titled “Your Name – Cover Letter.” Please categorize this post under the cover letter category.

HW for Next Thursday: Cover Letters Due for In-Class Review. Please bring two hard copies to class.

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