Surendra Khadka

Hi everyone,

This is Surendra Khadka. I was born and raised in Nepal, Southeast Asia. I love to listen to the music especially from Bollywood, Indian movies. I like to sing as well; but i am a bathroom singer 🙂 . I follow politics, especially, international affairs. In free time, i like to read world history, which gives us the idea where we are and how we came here.

I Came to New York in 2006 and living here since then. I have joined Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering Technology in CityTech as a part-time student in 2008. Because I work full-time, I took classes only in the evenings. As you may know, being first generation immigrant in the United States is not easy. The journey in CityTech wasn’t easy as well. Especially in my major, I have noticed less numbers of students, and therefore, there was only one open session per course. And, if you add meeting per-requisites and co-requisites scenario, it took me almost eight years for a four year degree. Finally, this is my last semester. Finding a job related to my major is my primary goal at this point. This summer, after graduation, i am planning to go visit Nepal. Then, as soon as i come back I’ll quit my current job and find a new one.

As a writer, I am not the person who can articulate things and go around the subject matter and make a long/large statements. I can certainly write; but kind of short and sweet. I do like to write. Once i write down your ideas or take about the subject matter is there. I feel a sense of achievement. But, i certainly don’t like those 7 pages long type of paper that we are required to write in English composition classes. That’s pretty long.

Regarding using technologies, i have knowledge of computer hardware and software. i know basics of few programming languages. I do use Smartphone as well. I have experience of using Microsoft Office at my work for past 7 years.

Technical writing- I think this course is similar to the one i took few semester ago. I this course includes writing a memo, letter, email, report etc. anything that will be needed in business environment. I hove to learn these stuff well and use these knowledge and skills throughout my career.

I will be interacting with you n other posts throughout the semester. Thank You for your time to read this post!


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