Thursday, Feb. 5

Instructions for Today’s Class


6 – 7:15 Items of Business, Introduction Blog Posts
7:25 – 8:15 Discuss Mini-Job Search Assignment


Activities from 6 – 7:15

Please begin today’s class first by taking care of the following items:

1. Join our Open Lab Course Site:

NOTE: If you have any problems at all with creating an Open Lab account, accessing your CUNY email, or joining our Course Site, please follow this link for detailed instructions.

2. Register for Remind (follow these instructions):This app that will allow me to send urgent notifications to you via text message or email, if you prefer. I will only use this in case of emergencies or urgent delays — say, if I am sick or if the trains are slow.

3. Introduce Yourself in an OpenLab Post

Please follow our instructions here.

Note: To write your summary memo, I would recommend that you write it in Microsoft Word first. Save your work to your flash drive or in the cloud (if you do this, save your file locally and then email a copy to yourself or upload it to your cloud service provider before leaving class–the computers in this classroom are regularly wiped of student work).

Activities from 7:25-8:15

1. Discuss Mini-Job Search

2. In-Class Work: Begin searching for job listings!


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