Hey everyone my name is Josh Rojas. I transferred to City Tech from Bronx Community College where I received my associate’s degree. I have another semester left to earn my degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. Some of my hobbies are going to the gym, playing drums, designing for a YouTube channel with my friends and a bunch of other random things. I would like to work at an ad agency when I’m done with this school :D. My goal for the semester is to continue to grow as an individual. Link to YouTube channel below.

My strength as a writer is being able to research the right information. My weaknesses a writer is being able to expand on certain ideas. I like being able to express my ideas, I don’t like the amount of time writing takes. I am very tech savvy. I think technical writing may have to deal with learning how to write for the workplace. My expectation is that I will improve my writing skills and apply them to future tasks.



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