Entry #4: Workplace Culture

The workplace was very laid-back but serious at the same time. We could joke and talk about how our days were and ask about each other’s issues (As long as it was appropriate). Most of us know each other’s family and have met my boss’s family on more than one occasion. Typically we get in at 10 am if we don’t have a show to do that more or the afternoon, and around 12-1pm we have lunch. The day usually ending at 4pm for a regular day in the office. We communicate face-to-face, by texting or emailing about work. We use G-Mail Workspace for projects, Google Drive is where all of our projects go to keep them in one place on a shared company drive.

If there is a performance for the day we meet where the performance is until it starts and if we’re not needed to do production work we leave for the day.

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