Culmination Project Proposal


Shaian Khan

ENT 4499

Culmination Project

Culmination Project Proposal

Project Description:

I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree at City Tech. My major is Emerging Media Technology. In my time at City Tech, I have learned about experimental game design and development. I have worked on several game design projects in the Technical Production course. My aim is when I complete my graduation, I would like to get a job as a game designer. But I feel I don’t have enough practical experience on the field. That is why for my culmination project, I would like to use my skills to the test by acting as a lead game designer for my own solo game project on Unity. 

This is going to be a 2D platformer shooting game. The game is about an agent and his goal is to save the planet from the evil alien invasion. As a lead game designer I will be able to work on the budgeting, storyboard, management, in-game assets, artstyle, gameplay mechanics and coding. This will give a real-time experience as a game designer since I will be working with a technical advisor throughout this semester.


  • I will be working on the Unity engine. 
  • The project will be 2D formated.
  • Working on C# scripts for the in-game mechanics.
  • Using visual studio to write the codes.
  • Collected copyright free 2D sprites from open sources.
  • Using 2D Unity tilemap editor for creating the level.    

Project Deliverables:

For the culmination project I will be producing the following list of things by the end of the semester.

  • The game design concept.
  • The storyboard for the game.
  • Assets and materials.
  • Development plan.
  • Schedule.
  • Research notes.
  • Alpha prototype.
  • Documentation of the development process.
  • Poster.
  • OpenLab Portfolio.

Required Resources:

I will be using the game design notes that I have saved in my archive from previous game design projects. YouTube is a great platform to find unity-based beginner tutorials. To implement an in-game mechanic that I want to have in the project, I can research online or look for a YouTube tutorial to learn and find the solution. I will be using the Unity Assets Store to find and use assets for the project.

Proposed Table of Contents/Portfolio Outline

  • Introduction
  • Unity engine research timeline
  • Development timeline
  • Project estimated budget
  • Project development calendar
  • Finalize storyboard
  • Research on the artstyle
  • Finalize assets and materials
  • Building levels
  • Script writing process
  • Documentation notes
  • Conclusion

Author: Shaian Khan

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