Service Learning Projects

Brushing is Cool with the Right Tool!

This project was based on the idea of educating children on oral health at a facility, with the focus on children with Autism. Children in general are not as easy to treat in the dental field, so looking at the fact that children with Autism are more susceptible to a high caries risk, we wanted to educate the facilities and children as best we could.

My role as group leader was too organize and manage all group members activities, while coordinating presentation technique. I began our presentation with a warm welcome to all children, parents and caregivers and asked all children to grab an item that made them comfortable. By having the children get comfortable and feel calm, this allowed me to begin with an icebreaker. This included pictures and fun trivia questions to gain an interactive experience which helped us gain a better understanding of the children’s knowledge of  oral health. I have included my son along with my peers children as a visual for the children of Autism in the presentation. Visuals allow the children to feel more comfortable and get a better understanding especially when watching and hearing the children’s approach at brushing, flossing and rinsing. Feel free to read as there are many more interesting details to how my group presented.


Oral Health for the Elderly

This project was done in my first semester as a dental hygiene student. This was based on educating oral health care for the elderly located in a nursing home or  family member. I worked alone on this project because I did this service on a family member, which was my grandmother. I approached my grandmother very politely and carefully because she is very sensitive and stubborn to changing her habits of oral care. To my surprise she actually paid attention and as you will see in the picture included, she had on dentures. The dentures that  were made for her before my birth had included a choice of having a few teeth that were fabricated like gold crowns which were considered, as she states “stylish”. Feel free to read, as there are many more interesting details as to how I convinced her to visit the dentist.