So the quote I choose was “wind’s howling” it is a
quote from Geralt of Rivia who’s the main character of
“The Witcher 3” game.

So the one in the top is my first concept for the quote. I choose bold sans serif font for this and broke the quote into two separate boxes, then I used the pen tool to create the two weavy lines which separates each word and the characters name and finally I gave everything the gradient effect where I made them go lighter as they move on to the right. By all the effects and the weavy lines I tried to represent wind .
This one is my second concept. So the quote originally means something bad is about to happen but Geralt always uses it even if it’s a breeze or a small matter basically it’s his habit to use these words over and over again, that is why to represent his characteristics I used the quote repeatedly over and over and made the words different sizes each time. I used the same effects and the same font from first concept, again the whole purpose was to make the letters look windy the different sized words were also for the same purpose .
So my last concept is very simple I used line art along with the typography. Again I used the pen tool to create a windy symbol and gave it a few point stroke, then i duplicated the symbol and turned it upside down and used grey color for both of the symbols . This time i used a script font and I tried to make the full concept represent a form of wind or cyclonish feeling .

This is the 4th composition that i had in mind since the 3rd one didn’t work out so well. For this one i used 2 different sans serif fonts. I also made words go like one small latter and one cap order to make it look a little like wind. The line between two words supposed to be mountains. I made a circle and placed the howling wolf inside of it and made it smaller and i tried to show the word “howling” is the roar of the wolf. The game “witcher3” itself contains different colored wolfs which appears in different places and missions, that’s why i decided to go with the wolf to represent the howling wind.…04/VISUAL1.pdf