Out of The Past

Jeff is an ex private eye who is hiding out in a small town gas station. One day this big henchmen heads into town and says he wants to see Jeff. Jeff begins to tell his current girlfriend about a story about how he is hired by this man to find his girlfriend who has shot him and ran away with a large amount of his money. He says he doesn’t want the money back as much as he wants the girl and thinks he has tracked her back to mexico. So jeff heads to mexico, and finds this girl, and ends up falling in love with her. The femme fatale in this film does not come off as a standard femme fatale, she starts of playing a “girl next door” type of role. This is until she kills Jeff’s partner who discovers them and wants in on the money. She leaves Jeff with the mess and runs away. By the time he is finished telling the story they arrive to his home, where he sees Cathy. This film is non stop action, with many underlying stories throughout and hidden tensions.

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