Out of the Past

The movie begins when a man named Joe is looking for Jeff, the movie’s main protagonist. Jeff doesn’t not want to be found by Joe but when meeting is inevitable, Joe tells Jeff that his old boss Whit Sterling needs to see him. Jeff, who starts to remember his past which he has been running away from tell his girlfriend Ann about his past and about how femme fatale Kathie shot and stole money from White Sterling and also the way she killed his former partner Jack leaving Jeff alone to cover up the crime.

When Jeff finally meets with Whit he tries to avoid having such job but Whit is determined to make Jeff work for him. They attempt to frame Jeff for the murders but he covers it up. The beautiful deceiving Kathie knowing that Jeff was once in love with her, asks him to run away with her or to take the blame for all the murders and Jeff agrees to go away with her, even though this time around he is not being deceive by her so easily. Jeff later calls the police secretly, femme fatale Kathie figures out that Jeff has “betrayed” her and shoots him to his doom. The police opens fire on the car and the car goes off the road, both Jeff and Kathie die.

I think that this was a great movie specially towards the end when Jeff knowing how dangerous Kathie is intends to stop her at any cost even if it means dying.

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