1984 is a book based on a totalitarian government, a government who controls every aspects of an individual’s life and who constantly spies on its citizen in order to keep them under absolute control.

Winston, a thin 39 year old works for the department of records editing records. One day Winston goes to the slums of Oceania and purchases a paperweight, feather pen, and a journal. He also ees a lady with black hair who he believes to be a spy. Later on he meets this “spy” named Julia and they begin carrying conversations. Winston hates Julia because even though he likes her he can’t have her. As Winston gains courage after receiving a noted from Julia reading “I love you” they begin to have conversations and soon after end up falling in love. Winston and Julia talk about breaking the law and about the shared hate for Big brother (the controlling party). Because Winston foolish trust towards a man named O’Brian who is actually working for the Thought police, Winston and Julia get captured and tortured. While Winston is being tortured he is treated to face his worst fear, which are rats. As he sees his life treated, the Thought police has finally been able to get into Winston’s head. Winston would rather Julia get hurt than him, and this is when Big brother wins. After all the tortured he went through he is realize and must return to work like usual. He later sees Julia but realizes that he no longer loves her but now loves Big Brother.

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