Blade Runner

In the 1983 film Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford, it takes place in Los Angeles the year 2019. Rich Deckard is a blade runner, a hunter of the replicants. Humans have engineered Replicants, which are designed as humans for labor and entertainment. They are illegal on earth, and the blade runner is supposed to hunt them down and kill them. This group of replicants known as Nexus 6 life span is nearly up. So Rich Deckard is out to find these replicants and kill them. As the film goes on you question if Rich Deckard is a replicant himself implanted with memories of a former human. The film ends with the viewer speculating if he truly is human or not. This is one of my favorite movies for many reasons one being it’s a classic science fiction. I consider it a film noir for many reasons because there are many similar qualities like a crime, a law official, a femme fatale, and criminals.

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