Double Indemnity

With already have read the book, I was taken aback from how the movie portrayed the characters and how the overall plot was set up. When reading, I had visualized the characters interactions differently from how they were portrayed within the film. Yet when it comes to comparing the two films that are within the same genre they are more different then the same.

It feels as though The Maltese Falcon is a conventional (or classical) film noire while Double Indemnity plays the role of a more advanced or updated film noire. Maltese Falcon was very traditional, woman comes to Sam (the detective) about a problem then over come by the femme fatale then over comes it and the bad guys are arrested. Double Indemnity produced the “detective” characteristic but it wasn’t within a major lead of the story line, it was within a supporting character that made a significant impact on how Walter acted and moved. he based his actions off of Keyes which isn’t typical. He stopped thinking for himself and instead began to think for Phyllis, and was ultimately defeated by the femme fatale unlike Sam.

Camera angles also caught my attention between the two movies. In The Maltese Falcon the camera was often pointing upward of Sam to show (which I interpreted as) power, whereas in Double Indemnity the camera was always down onto (him) or directly face to face with Walter which showed weakness.


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