Blog #2 on Ethical Reasoning

I feel like I have used other people’s work in wrong way atleast a thousand times and never gave them credit. But it was when I didn’t know any better. The isse with breaking some rules are not that you make, the issue is not to learn from the mistakes that has been made. I have learned from practice and education. For my personal use, I use musics from internet for video editting and storytelling usages. Whenever I use someone else’s creative work in my work I remember to contact them before I use their product and with their permission, i credit them in the video and etc.

At my work everything in the archived is copyrighted by our company so we don’t have to copyright anyone.

To discuss the case of Shephard Fairey, I would like to say that he was on the right to use that picture before it was only used as a inpirations instead of using it as it is. Also, the final product is not as same as the photograph. Obama looked completely different in the poster than the photograph. But due to Fairey’s attemp to destroy evidence and later admitting to it put him on a bad position which made him lose an winning battle.

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