Blog #2 on Ethical Reasoning

I feel like I have used other people’s work in wrong way atleast a thousand times and never gave them credit. But it was when I didn’t know any better. The isse with breaking some rules are not that you make, the issue is not to learn from the mistakes that has been made. I have learned from practice and education. For my personal use, I use musics from internet for video editting and storytelling usages. Whenever I use someone else’s creative work in my work I remember to contact them before I use their product and with their permission, i credit them in the video and etc.

At my work everything in the archived is copyrighted by our company so we don’t have to copyright anyone.

To discuss the case of Shephard Fairey, I would like to say that he was on the right to use that picture before it was only used as a inpirations instead of using it as it is. Also, the final product is not as same as the photograph. Obama looked completely different in the poster than the photograph. But due to Fairey’s attemp to destroy evidence and later admitting to it put him on a bad position which made him lose an winning battle.

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Blog # Ethical Reasoning

For my design work at the navy yard, most of the pictures I’ve pulled together from the navy yard photo archive. But recently I had to design some posters to promote the hiring events that are taking place in the navy yard. I was able to pull pictures from free photo website. The company has their specific logo that goes in every design that are produced by the navy yard. Navy yard uses the font GT Pressura fonts and helvetica neue. I did not have to sign any kind of official confidential papers but there are designs and documents I’ve worked on had confidential information that I was asked not to share in public media or internet.


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Journal #16 Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt Museum is a very interesting museum in the city. It is small it has a beautiful structure and history. There was an exhibition that was related to birds. The were a few piece of work in there that were admirable. There was an ostrich egg with designed curved in it. It also had a few different types of birds’ stuffed version.

I truly loved the pieces  Scenic wallpaper: The Color Of landscape by Carnovsky which is a print of three landscapes under three colors and each appears depending on the light it exposed under. I think I will try to create a piece similar to that over the summer. It was pictures of three different ladscape. I believe it was printed three different times in the paper instead of printing all three colors together . cyan colored painting get exposed under the blue light, and vise versa with other colors and lights.

Another piece i liked was Nurtured by Paul Rand. Paul Rand has a style of design which can be recognize with his color of black, white and red. It’s a picture of an egg which was used to re imagine eggs in a creative way.

There was a video in the same room playing on the wall. It was very abstract I liked it a lot.  I forgot to take a picture of the credit so I dont quite remember who the artist is but it was truly a calm and peaceful video to look into. it was very soothing

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Journal #15

This is the last journal about my internship. This semester was a very incredible semester for me. It was hard and extremely different considering all the science classes I was taking except this internship class. At the beginning of this semester, I decided to pursue something completely different than what I’ve been preparing for the last 4 years. Working as a graphic designer outside of school in my internship place helped me stay in touch with my first passion for love what I started this journey with. But it’s all was an eventful and a learning experience for me to understand my true purpose in life and deciding to act on it took all the courage in this world and I did it. And at the end of the day, I’m very much glad that I did it. After I finish my degree in communication design I will pursue higher education in something that is completely opposite of design. I have decided to pursue my dream and purpose in life and go to medical school but being an artist taught me to be detail oriented and have a keen eye as a problem solver which will help me be a better problem solver and help-giver in future.

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Journal # 14

One of my co-worker who I have started an internship with was recently hired as a full-timer at Brooklyn navy yard. I am truly happy for him and wish him all the best. He is running the summer internship program. I think working with the navy yard was an amazing opportunity for me and I can see myself working here for a while even though my internship time in over. My internship with external affairs has been extended for one month. I hope I get hired as at least a part-timer after the extension is over so I can work with the EA over the summer. I am truly looking forward to what the summer has for me to offer.

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Journal # 13

In my internship, I was mostly working with the External affairs but I remember working with the employment center on their new Wegman project which was very interesting and a new experience for me. Wegman is a grocery similar to c-town but in a bigger scale and for the first time they are opening a store in New York and it will be in Brooklyn Navy Yard. For this project, BNY and Wegman are hiring more than 500 employees. I was working with the Employment center to organize events where potential workers would come to be informed about the new job and I had the opportunity to learn about the company. The process and the story of the people that were coming in for a job to work here also humbled me and I truly enjoyed it.

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Journal 12 # IRA and 401 pension plan

We spend a lot of time in class talking about why it is important to save up for pension or putting aside a small portion of our pays for it. TO be brutally honest, I was never the type of person to do something like that. I live in the moment and spend it all without thinking twice.  But after listening to the podcast I started thinking twice about it. I am young now but I won’t be the same in the future. Saving for the days I will be old and weak to work is very important. I think I will definitely consider doing that with my first job. I was talking to my coworkers and none of them actually have either one but what do put away money aside. I think it is because they are not looking to be at a single place for a long term and in this day and age people doesn’t want to work at the same company for rest of their lives. People want to travel and gain experience and see the unseen right now instead of waiting till they’re old and too weak to do that but either way they are investing in themselves. At the end of the day, that all matters. To invest in yourself.

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Journal #11 App testing

Fiverr is a website/app where young artists become entrepreneurs. Instead of working a 9-5 millennials generations are more attracted toward being their own boss and work as their own boss. Fiverr gives young creatives to find gigs online and get the job done from their own desk! For the customer, it is also very convenient due to the level and amount of artists are creators available. There are various types of creators from beginners to professional level and the client can hire whomever they want based on their budget.

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Journal #10 App Testing

Meetup is one of the apps that caught my interest in the subway. I saw an advertisement for this website several times and when I decided to give it a try since I had the time to actually go to a meetup event over the break. I saw one of the events about photographers gathering and taking photos. There were about 4-5 people that attended even though 25 were expected to come but the people that came were such nice people. One of them was shooting with a medium format camera and we immediately clicked. I told him I have access to a drum scanner and he was very excited to use it.  Overall the app really helps the creatives to take the first step toward their big goals. There are a lot of people out there that only dreams of doing something but never actually go around and get to follow through with their passions and dreams simply because they do not know where to start. Meetup helps creatives to find other creatives in different skill levels and opens us up to take the first step. If you are interested in trying things that you have never tried before I highly suggest you to take a leap of faith and join the meetup and go to a gathering. It will expose you to different people and overall you will have a lot of fun!

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Journal #9

We had a broker event at our building today and it was very fast paced. I was told that I have to design a few posters for the events and I had to move really quickly. There were things that had to be changed and made better which I had to do the same day within an hour. I was going back and forth to discuss the work with my supervisor to see how we can make the designs better with the short amount of time we had and in the end, it turned out great. The events in the yards are mostly very cheerful and it’s an amazing environment to be in. There are always foods and drinks and most importantly, there are people to meet that are a very valuable contact to keep. Most people are very friendly and willing to talk. As an extrovert, I never had any hard time building relationship or starting a conversation with anyone and I feel like my co-workers and superiors really appreciate how easy going and open I am to talk to strangers and how I can make someone feel very comfortable very fast.

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