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Portrait Lighting


Looking a this photo I find it to be a good example of broad lighting. The position of the light allows certain parts of the subject to capture light and other parts to cast shadows. The right of the subject is where the shadow is cast, which allows a triangle to form. This is an indication of broad lighting done well. I also found the lighting to work well with the subject’s subtle expression.


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This purpose of this assignment was to show our understanding of transparency. I had to created a composition that consists of various elements. The assignment called for three dashed, three dots, one line, one circle, one triangle, one square and one arch. They had to be arranged so that they overlap. After arranging the elements I had to figure out what colors I would use. For my first composition I decided to paint the biggest elements all primary colors. I would then the smaller elements secondary colors. In order to show transparency in where the colors overlap we had to mix the paints to get the right value.

After finishing my first composition, it was bought to my attention that the yellow circle was too overwhelming to the whole piece. It was then suggested that I change the color to a more earthy or dull tone of yellow. I also changed the composition because two of the dots were completely covered so the true color of the element wasn’t present. After applying those changes, I noticed a huge difference and the piece looked more professional and neater.


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