Internship: Week Six

CityArts was another organization that invited me for an interview. I met with someone in person this time. I would say that this interview went well but not as well as the Relix one. One thing I can say about CityArts is to not judge them by their headquarters. Their headquarters were very small but the impact of the organization is big. They have murals around the world and stand for a good cause. I would’ve loved to intern for them but I’m pretty sure they decided to hire another candidate since that I didn’t hear anything from them. By this time, I decided to respond to Relix and decline the offer.

My next interview was for a company called F Schumacher & Co. This interview was conducted via Google Hangouts. This whole interview was a SCAM! It was a scam to obtain my personal information and a friend of my mine was able to catch it just in time. I urge students to please be careful about giving out personal to anyone. Fortunately, the “interviewer” didn’t obtain any information that would greatly harm me. I spoke to Prof. Goetz and it turns out she was not familiar with recruiter interviewing via Google Hangouts. I found this job through Zip Recruiter. The company is real but a third party was using their information to scam job seekers. Not cool!