Internship: Week Seven

I’m going with my back up plan. My back up plan is to use my current job as an internship. I do enough graphic design for it to count as an internship. I was able to get Prof. Geotz to approve. I currently work at CUNY Accelerated Study for Associate Programs (ASAP). ASAP is a wonderful program that helps students graduate with their Associates Degree. Aside from working with the recruitment team, I also do graphic design for the program. I have designed planners, flyers and promotional items for ASAP.

After I told my directer that ASAP will be my internship she was more than happy to have me start working on more graphic design focused responsibilities. So far I, along with another intern, am responsible for managing the social media for ASAP. We also will be working with our central office to develop a logo for a new sector of ASAP that will hopefully be used CUNY wide. We also have to design the programs, certificates and invitations for ASAP’s graduation event.