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This is the first project that as assigned for this course. This assignment was fairly easy. We had to use lines to show movement. I came up with several ideas on how I was going to do this. I considered the placement, weight and spacing of the lines. As far as the movement aspect of the project I thought of waves. Waves are a representation of constant movement and so I thought that was what was best for this. At first I drew the waves horizontally but after looking at it I saw that it was boring and predictable. So I had to change that.

I then drew it diagonally and it looked a lot better. For the spacing, I kept it all the same between each line. There is only two distinct weights of lines in the project. The heavier weight was be where the wave is. In the end I thought that project was successful. During the critique of my project my professor didn’t feel that that was the strongest way to represent movement and suggested that I had created a more random movement of the wave.