The though prosses for making the sketch was when I was thinking about Albert .E when he mention about balancing a bicycle to keep moving. I first made a sketch of a wheel then I tried to make the quotes correlate within the wheel. I was thinking of having them organized like a advertisement type of board for it while adding a dark shade of blue inside of the wheel. I wanted the blue inside of the wheel because it was one of the colors within the atom which Albert .E.

The Second sketch for the quote is an atom which Albert .E was a physicist who created the theory of relativity. I just thought this next one should be more of an Atom rather then a wheel. I have the quotes separated on the white disks around the atom. The background resembles more of a empty void as if the atom is alone but not really because there are always more around it. I also left the “keep your balance” and ” you must keep moving” part of the quote outside of the ring. I wanted the part of the quote “keep your balance” literally balancing on one of the rings while having “you must keep moving” on the side of the ring as it looks like its moving around the ring. The “life” part of the atom which I made sure it was big is because life is a big part of our lives and it involves all of us no matter who we are.

The Third quote sketch I did, I was thinking of a car wheel or like a race car ad with the words moving the from the opposite side. I wanted to keep it simple and left it just black and white. I left it colorless as I believe we all need that one project that is just black and white.