Color Triangle Graphic Design Principles 1

This Goathe Triangle project was done by mixing primary colors into secondary and tertiary colors. Prior to this the only practice i’ve had with paints was the color wheel assignment, but this is proven to be a little difficult to the point of having to be reviewed by the professor prior to the final completion of it. What helped me do good on this assignment was the test strips and reference. Those combined showed me what my project was meant to be and how to do it. And with that it has helped me to pull of a successful task.

A few corrections to consider for me is the orange color and tertiary color under it. the orange was a little more red and darker than it should be. And in transition, the tertiary color would logically be darker, leaning closer to the green and yellow side. making the orange a little more yellow would’ve yielded better results in mixing and portrayal of color. Other than that, it was not bad at all to do.


Graphic Design Principles 1 Figure Ground assignment






This project for me required a combination of time management, focus, patience, and most importantly rest. I learned a couple of things through this assignment. that has allowed me to better myself as an overall designer and artist. Doing a project all at once will leave me with a lot of errors, especially with no breaks, also patience in showing figure ground clean and clearly with time and also periodic breaks with time to finish, With all those I was able to pull off this project with very high proficiency,


Now that the class has reviewed the project I have some tweaks I can fix. One is the arrangement at the bottom, which shows a clear contrast at the bottom, and two the same figure gounds at the bottom seem to be a lot more white or black at the bottom than usual. Other than that, this project done well.

Texture assignment

This was an assignment that sounded easy at first but the execution was a lot more difficult to pull off. from taking out relatable textures in one hand and showing progression in another. It was no less satisfying in finishing the assignment in what I felt accomplished the task of showing different textures and being able to explain the contrasts between the two.

However, after the constructive criticism, I noticed some flaws in the project. Such as the similarity of color threw off the contrast of the two textures being used. This would have to make people have to interpret it more closely and harder that they would have to. And more obviously the execution, I would have to take betterĀ  care in cutting out the textures and laying them out in the desired places to go. it makes the white space more distracting to the viewer.