my experience in the course

In the course of graphic principles 1, i learned how to do various such as placing and knowing and colors types such as analogous, split complementary and how they relate and coincide with each other. Learning the color palette has helped me in many ways finish my projects with an understanding of the material. Also this course also introduced me to the ability of scanning my artwork so i can use my sketches as my graphic to use in projects that required use in computer. I came to the course with a basic understanding of color and illustration. Now I see more of an importance of placement of objects in a page and also was taught value of economy, the difference of shades in color, color mixtures, color illusion and among other things. I felt I could have done better in this course. However going on deeper into this course i learned much more than i thought i would. I feel lucky to have a patient teacher that is willing to let me know if i were to stray from my objective. also my classmates along with her had critiques that were very effective in boosting my performance in my work overall. All in all it was a good course that has shown me that have a lot more hidden potential for more things in the future and a lot more to learn.