Booker Sumner Community Mental Health Center


The Booker Sumner Community Mental Health Center is located at 100 St. Nicholas Terrace, New York City, NY 10027 on the main floor and  concourse level of the Booker Sumner House, which is an assisted living facility.

Booker Summer Community Mental Health Center is a holistic community center and total -wellness facility for low income¬†elderly residents of West Harlem NY age 65 and older.¬†According to the Census Bureau’s 2010 report there are approximately 19,000 Senior Citizens living in West Harlem, among them 25% are living¬†at 100% of the Federal poverty line or below.

Our mission is to provide  programs and services that will enhance the quality of life for low income elderly, while empowering them and providing opportunities for them  to stay connected to the community. We are committed to providing a broad range of services to our senior citizens. Our programs includes  traditional, new-age, and state of the art therapies and approaches to wellness. We  endeavor to help every senior reach the highest level of physical, emotional and spiritual health possible.

Our Center is committed to the West Harlem community. We believe the best indicator of a healthy neighborhood is demonstrated in the health and vitality of its eldest members. We endeavor to work in concert with community members and businesses to provide a rich active supportive environment for not only low income seniors but all the elderly in the community.

To this end, We provide individual direct support to Seniors as well as outreach to Seniors in the community including the homeless. We  advocate for Seniors to ensure every elderly person in the community receives the benefits and  services they are qualified to receive.  We  also strive to be politically active and take political action on behalf of the elderly population to ensure policies and laws are in place to benefit the elderly particularly regarding their right to employment and housing and health care.

Our Coalition and network of helping partners which includes local businesses, federal and state agencies, private citizens, professional organization help to subsidize the programs we offer. Our staff as well as Senior Citizens from the community coordinate and participate in our political action/policy related activities and initiatives.