Big Update… and still more to come!

Info ~New Description for game~

A small dragon girl must find out what happened to her fellow dragons, who are missing from their respective elemental realms. From helping magical creatures in need to defeating hostile foes, she tries to maintain order in their absence. Barter with witches to buy potions that can change the element of her fire, to defeat a variety of enemies.

Landmarks ~Added Gates to each realm~

Added golden gates to separate each land from one another. I had to make a Scalable Vector Graphic in Illustrator, before making it a 3d object in Blender, before placing it in Unity.

Landmarks ~Added 3 new models for flowers~

Next, I added in New Flowers for the rest of the areas! Magic, ice, and air flowers. Before, there were just stand-in flowers, but now the official ones are here.

Missions ~Torches that maintain the flow of magical energy!~

These fires were set up by the dragons and help circulate the magical/elemental energy in their realm. If they go out and a dragon is not present to relight them, it could cause devastating effects on the forest and the residents. From the Frosty Forest warming up and the ice/snow people melting, to the Fire lands becoming colder causing the lava to cool and harden, as well as its people to become cold/sick.

Nova/The Player must relight any outed torches in the area, with the elemental breath of that torches’ land. Here are the torches when they are lit.

Characters ~New Enemies~

All of the biomes have different enemies now, from leviathans to warlocks. Here they are along with their mission description.

Characters ~Friendly Faces~

There are also non-hostile monsters in this game 🙂 Help them out to receive energy and gold.

Landmarks ~The Maze~

Missions ~Use your fire to clear obstacles~

Nova can gain energy in the game passively by completing missions. Some missions include clearing debris from the roads, like fallen trees or blocks of ice. Lore: Witches and humans sometimes use these roads to travel safely through the realms. Keeping the roads clear prevents any unnecessary travel into monster-filled forests.

Landmarks ~The Waterlogged Library~

Update: Witches, Water, flowers, and Icons

I began working on the witch area, this is where most buying and selling will take place. Will work on tree textures and add more bildings.

Witch forest so far.

Placed the current shop in the witch area.

Look at her little potion bottles 🙂

Finally added icons over their heads to indicate enemies.

An Icon over a rogue Unicorn
Battle Icon for rogue witch

Updated the underwater area

On a bridge over water
Underwater, there is kelp, pillars and the enemy area ahead

Updated Fire and Water Area Flowers

Introducing Lava Lilies
Introducing Deep Sea Dahlia

These new flowers are Lava Lilies and Deep Sea Dahlia’s, that will be used to buy/craft potions.

Story and Game Mechanics

Why we play as Nova / Story: Nova is a sun dragon, one of the elemental dragons that rule over their respective realms. Every forest has one dragon that keeps order/protects it from hostile creatures, both monster and human alike, but one day, they all went missing except for Nova. Nova has decided to temporarily take over their realms in their absence since the hostile monsters are trying to take over and give their respective species more power. The first mission in every realm is to defeat the hostile creatures that are threatening the other magical folk.

There are also missions to help the residents with their problems, like getting items from other realms, finding lost members of their kind, or finding/making them a new home. Nova is also trying to figure out what happened to the other dragons, to bring them back to their realms.

Meet the Dragons
Forst dragon keeps its realm cold as well as controlling blizzards and ice movement.

Moon dragon creates a darkness that protects the Lycans, shadow creatures, and Vampires, as well as control over the lunar phases and slight control over the ocean. It sometimes creates a haze that leads lost humans from outside the boundaries of the first into their realm, for the Vampires to have a steady supply of prey.

Inferno Dragon keeps their realm warm

Water Dragon controllers the oceans and monitors the merfolk’s hunting to prevent overfishing, they can also work with the Air Dragon to summon storms and rain.

Air Dragon and Terrain Dragon work together to create harmony between the earth and sky. They rule over the same realm since the ground gets energy from the sky, but the sky needs something to flow over, their realm consists of wide plains and a large tree that connects the ground to the sky realms. There are minotaurs and harpies in their realms.

Pebble dragon works with the witches in their realm, to provide precious ores, stone, and crystals and will literally move mountains to protect them from humans and hostile monsters. Their scales are smooth round rocks that are nearly indestructible and good for repelling magical energy (witches use these scales to build their homes, to protect each other from poorly aimed spells or accidental magical explosions. These stone can absorb the excess energy and protect the resident witch)

(The dragons control different versions of the last magical forest that occupy different versions of their worlds, sharing their energy with it to keep it functioning).

Game mechanics
Nova is a sun dragon, so her power over the sun touches other elements, therefore, she can temporarily change her dragon breath to anything her element naturally comes in contact with by drinking a consumable version of that element: Ice, Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, and storm clouds (air/lighting). Terrain (rock and ground) powers come in the form of a stronger defense. These potions can be crafted and bought from witches.

Nova can collect elemental pieces to make potions from defeating Golems, completing quests.

Collecting other ingredients like flowers, to make the elemental potions for defeating other enemies easier, as well as completing missions. For example, Nova can use her dragon breath on rock and fire Golems who are weak to water, but she can also ice breath to rebuild an ice/snow home for a snow person or help make ice cream.

Finally, there are doors to each realm that requires a key made from gold and certain items of that land, to access the different realms. These keys can be crafted and bought from witches.

New Updates (Areas and Attacks)

Updated textures for the forest (Bark and Leaves).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is updatedTreeTextures-1024x770.png

I added two new areas, but I am thinking of redesigning the ocean area as a whole, to include less land, different textures, and more water areas.

Version one of the water area, but this may change …
Nova underwater (I placed a blue filter over the screen, but it needs to be tweaked a bit)
A siren in the water area, on an enemy spawn circle

The fire area looks a bit dead, so I will work on adding flame bushes and more environmental assets.

I added a storm attack, which is basically spewing lighting charged storm clouds at the enemy.

May fix up in the future, to make clouds appear more gray.