Mid-term Project


The Ground plan and section view are essential when describing the physical elements of any show. They show actual size, shape and position of scenery, lights, speakers, projectors and any other equipment the show requires in relation to each other. They are important planning tools to make sure everything will fit in the theater as designed. Task to create an accurate ground plan and section of the venue.

Given Plates 1 and 2 using my scale I measured everything in the ground plan. Once I started drafting I started with one corner and working my way around. What I should’ve done is start in the center with the dimensions given and from the center line. I could’ve avoided many mistakes that I later caught causing me to have to start all over. I could’ve used better command keys to get more of the plan covered instead of drawing one line at a time. And from the beginning setting up my layers. I went back many times switching each line and sometimes missing some. I did not use the miter line to get the section view, I started to then got confused and went with just measuring the plate with my ruler. In that you can probably end up with the ground plan and section not matching up. The chairs gave me some difficulty because I wasn’t familiar with the arc command and took up a lot of time.

I should’ve time my work better doing a little every night. I tried to do quite a lot in one go and would get tired or need a break resulting in making mistakes I probably wouldn’t catch. While drafting I kept having to go back and more missing dimensions that I needed to help draft. At one point I couldn’t figure out what dimension was wrong. Everything seemed to be right. The line weight on the paper also affected the dimension I wrote down then plotted.

Knowing a lot more keys I know now in the future I can get tasks done more efficiently. There wasn’t many errors with line weight.