#9 – Scenery Ground Plan and Section

Homework 9 SG-Layout1

This assignment was about working with designer drawings to produce useful technical information. Sometimes the ground plan and section might not match. This is to ensure things are accurate and then be able to show the designer what can fit and the correct measurements.

I was able to XREF the pdf of the designers ground plan and scale it onto the ground plan I drafted of the theater. Scaling it from the proscenium opening. Then tracing everything onto my ground plan. I had to know what each symbol and what is what. Also what information is missing that should be included.

What I had problems with was first figuring what layer everything should be on and that corresponds to the right line type. Then making the mistake of creating objects in non printable layers. Then once plating it all my line types were wrong. I created a new layer for the dashed line and correct scale but it wouldn’t show in paper space. Also missed including important dimensions that was given with the other drawings from the designer.