assignment #2

I decided to take pictures of trash in my neighborhood. I live right in front of a main street in Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY. The reason I chose my neighborhood is because it’s always clean and very organized, but just one day could change that, Sunday. The garbage in my neighborhood gets picked up every night but Saturday nights. People in my neighborhood are not allowed to throw their trash on Saturdays and are supposed to wait until the next day (Sunday) to take out the trash. On Sundays the trash is everywhere, and the whole street reeks of garbage. The garbage is mostly consisted of food waste because there are 4 restaurants, 2 deli’s and 2 grocery stores in my neighborhood. It doesn’t concern me much, because I don’t see any rats. In the first article the rats were everywhere and the streets looked like they were moving, while in my street you might see one mouse running for its life, I really don’t see it as a problem but you never know. The pictures I took aren’t very clear because the only time I can take the pictures is on a Sunday night.                                                                                                    20131110_212913_resized20131110_213004_resized 20131110_213111_resized 20131110_213115_resized 20131110_213256_resized20131110_213414_resized

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