Tiffany Rose : My Local Environment

I live in Brooklyn, Ny and I work in the city. There aren’t many garbage cans around my house but I did find random piles of garbage outside of corner stores. The garbage cans around my job we’re pretty decent but of course the only garbage can I found around my house was gross. To be honest, I am surprise there aren’t many trash cans around me. This is weird because two stops away from me have garbage cans on every other corner. The sources of garbage around my house are mostly from the stores. There is literally a corner store on every corner. It would defeat the purpose if there wasn’t. The sources of garbage by my job are clearly from random people. It is not as messy as it is in Brooklyn. I do not see any rodent activity signs around my house and it doesn’t concern me. Im relieved that there aren’t rodent activity. My environment is the complete opposite from that of the first article. The worse I’ve seen around my house is a sick cat. Hopefully it’ll stayphoto 2



trash26n-1-web that way.

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