Open Lab Assignment 2

Hello, well my name is Anesa and I decided to take pictures in the city of the local environment near my job, which is located in downtown Manhattan. The waste is as bad as I thought it would be mainly because downtown Manhattan is just overcrowded. There are plenty of garbage cans within the four blocks that I worked with. But I did notice large amounts of food wastes on the streets and on the sidewalks and also some garbage piles. As seen in the pictures I have taken, the city is not kept clean and this is not good for the environment. There is at least one garbage can on each block in the city but it is the people that don’t care to try and keep the city clean. I have not seen any rodents in this area of Manhattan therefore, I don’t know if there is as many in downtown Manhattan as opposed to the upper east side. Considering there are food wastes and garbage piles outside of building it wouldn’t be unlikely to come across rodents, but since majority of them are known to be in the upper east side I have not came across any in the downtown area of Manhattan.

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