Assingment 2: Local environment

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Brandy Severino

I reside in 145th st, manhattan. A major avenue that passes by my neighborhood is Broadway Ave. Which if one were to walk by it you’ll notice the various stores that spread across it. Various establishments such as McDonalds, RiteAid, Subway, and others such as convenience stores are adorned with city garbage cans. This cans are usually filled to the top with trash such as plastic bags, papers or left overs from the customers that stroll through the area, but despite this the cans are quickly attended to and emptied. One would think the stores are the major sources of garbage in the neighborhood but that is not the case for it is the buildings that often produce the most waste. Since they produce the most waste you would just need to pay close attention to some rodents that run through some buildings. I myself am not concerned with this since it is not such an outstanding number of rodents such as the one from the previous assignment also landlords are constantly battling the rodents with raticide. Thanks to the constant attention given by landlords and stores and establishments along with the city one doesnt have to worry so much about the rodent problems and instead just deal with the smell that some of these garbage cans and piles of trash give off.

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