Assignment 2: Tour of Mill Basin


My neighborhood has to leave their Garbage with or without pales. It comes every Tuesday and Thursday. You can see the pictures how people have left their garbage outside their houses. The garbage can that I took two pictures of is always overflowed and taken out maybe every week. It gets full in a day. The other is garbage that is left on the streets after the garbage men decide not to come. As you can see it gets quite disgusting. Sorry about some of the flashes at the top.

garbage7 garbage1

garbage2 garbage3 garbage4 garbage6 garbage5 garbage7

I have had problems with squirrels for the past 4 years. In my living room, there is an Air conditioner. It was a lovely one. It’s underneath my window so I don’t have to take it out and put it in every summer. That is when the squirrels attacked. They ravished through my Air conditioner, breaking it down enough that it could be their home. Because I live on the 3rd floor of a sharing family house, I can’t go outside and close the Air conditioner without a latter of some sort, nor can I take it out because it’s too heavy. So, I had to deal with the treacherous squirrels until I had finally gotten a latter. I plugged the Air conditioner with a piece of wood. After that, the Squirrels got restless. They banged on windows in the middle of the night, and randomly at day. I wish I was making this up. It got to the point where we had to put up electric wires around all the windows. We tried to call the city if they could do something about it. However, they said they couldn’t do anything. The wires slowed them down, but sometimes they still would come by the windows. They simply stopped after a few months. The difference in the Borough Hall Park and my house was that I wasn’t supplying them with food. They could be living off the mounds of garbage on the streets. After pulling up my Air conditioner they should have left. Instead they stayed with some type of ruthless spiteful agenda. Both are similar, the reading from the first and second assignment because they’re both in New York. New York City is notorious for it’s Rat problem. However in the first story, all they were going to do was put traps and baits. In the second one, they put poison. Apparently, the poison is the one that actually worked. This shows that more can and should be done pertaining to New York Subways.

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  1. I live in the borderline of Bushwich, Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens since I was born. After 19 years of living in the same address there has been a difference in how the community has reacted towards the environment around use. In a way when I was younger there wasn’t dirty places around because there weren’t a lot of businesses around. However in this five years that have pasted seven restaurants have opened around the block I live in. Every summer that passes by it’s a torture to pass by the buffet a block away from my house because the smell is so bad that you cant stand it. I choose this spot because in the same parking lot a bar and an Ecuadorian restaurant pile their waste in the same spot. You can see that the garbage is piled, that they don’t wash the trashcans to prevent the smell, and since there is a bus stop right in front of it people just through their trash there. Also sometimes since there is a small park across the street of my house you can see homeless people sleeping, drinking, and throwing their trash in the park. This issue does concern because it just depresses me to see that we I grew up has gotten so bad. Since there are so many restaurant it increase the chance of seeing rats in the streets and when I walk home from work like around 1 am I do see rats running around the garbage of he buffet. I know my area isn’t as bad as others so I cant say I can compare it but for me it has been a great change.

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